BREAKING: ResoluteKC is BACK!! & KC Sports Curse Lifted??


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ResoluteKC has been on a blogging leave, on account of an extremely demanding real world career. Fortunately for my two followers and mom, I am back!!

Reflecting back on my last post I was in a dark place. But thankfully the Nelson Atkins museum paid their respects to the sacred burial ground the shuttlecocks lay on.

They dedicated a whole exhibit to the Native American culture (Plains Indians)! Curse Lifted?? TBD..

Anyhow, back to me, I am extremely excited to get this 2015 started with y’all. I have acquired quite a bit of unique sources in the Kansas City Metropolis, from the Kansas City exclusive Kansas City Club, to the Mayors home.

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The Curse of the ShuttleCock


FACT: Since the badminton birdies were put on the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in 1994, there have been no playoff victories for the Kansas City Royals or the Chiefs!

Prior to the Shuttlecocks being installed the Royals had seven winning seasons and a World Series Championship, while the Chiefs had three playoff wins.

Do not give me the unsound argument on how Sporting KC debunks the curse, because it does not.

Sporting KC is not located in the same state as the shuttlecocks (maybe a KCMO curse only??) AND the Wizards (Sporting KC) was founded in 1995, after the Shuttlecocks were installed. I am not 100% sure how curses actually work but my gut tells me you cannot inherit bad luck…

FYI: This is not a rag on the KC art culture, I enjoy getting stoned and looking at art just as much as the next guy. However, it is something to consider as our days are limited in this Royals Pennant chase!!.. All eyes are on you Nelson-Atkins Museum!


***if it was not for Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star approximately 25% of this article would not be possible!!!


Kansas City Royals vs. Kansas City Chiefs Rant


On this pre-autumn beautiful day, both the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals played during the same time. Although the two professional sport teams breath the same air, eat the same BBQ, and buy their weed from the same dealer, the   spectating experience is drastically different.

Next sunday 9/21 the Royals will be in the middle of the 7th inning, playing the Detroit Tigers as the Chiefs will be Kicking off at Denver. Today I spent my time evenly between both games hoping the Chiefs could pull off a Royals type miracle. Next week my time will be 100% dedicated to the Royals.