Makers Faire KC: The Nerd Vs. Hipster Experience



What a great turn out at the annual Makers Faire at Union Station, a place where parents can take their kids, nerds can show off their physics projects, and hipsters can promote their crowdfunding campaigns.

Although the faire seemed predominately full of nerds Mr. Poindexter points out that “the fair was fairly segregated.”

The segregation was not so obvious to the average, untrained eye Faire goer. But there was separation of booths, personalities, intellect, and style. Only a true nerd, true hipster, or true Resolutekc reporter could distinguish the difference.

Both sides want to take credit for the makers movement but neither is backing down.

The room was full of curiosity, pretentiousness, excitement, ignorance, boredom, and confusion. Overall great experience though and hopefully soon we can have a civilized debate on who deserves credit for this “makers movement”.




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